Sky TV Contact Number

0843 515 8466

Calls cost 7p per minute plus your operator’s access charge.

3 Simple steps to get your query resolved using the Sky TV Contact Number

Sky TV Contact Number - 0843 515 8466Sky TV is one the most respected satellite networks out there. The backbone of any respected service is the after sales support and with this company, there is no exception. In fact they are well known for their solid customer support. The Sky contact number helps you to connect to customer services to solve many issues or queries. You can find the phone number for Sky in many reputable directories.

Once you get hold of the useful Sky TV contact number, then you are just three steps away from your destination. Here are the steps needed to get almost any query resolved:

Select Your Service

Sky provides many services such as Broadband, Digital TV, Talk (telephone) and much more. The first step is to choose the service that is applicable to your needs. Some of the most common questions are regarding your customer ID. For example, “How do I change my password?”. In this case you will be advised to choose the Broadband option, making your selection using your phone’s keypad once connected.

Select Your Category

Each service has a list of categories under it. The Sky telephone number you use provides many service related support options. However, they have designed it very well to make it simple and easy for everyone to use.

You just need to choose the service you need and the relevant category. For example, inside the TV service section, there are options such as: general information on the service, how to join, upgrade or even cancel your subscription.

If you select Broadband, you will get options regarding WiFi, Email and MAC codes (used to transfer your broadband connection to another provider). Choose the right category to suit your query.

Get Your Problem or Query Solved

Once you have chosen the right category, you will be connected to a very helpful customer service representative. The customer service agents at Sky are very well trained and attentive. Their aim is to serve you to the best of their ability. They know that a happy customer will stay with them for years and will not be tempted to leave, so you can rest assured that they will look after you. Here is just a small sample of some of the common queries that can be resolved:

  • Change specific account details, such as change of address.
  • Credit or refund the account.
  • Updates on the latest hot offers.
  • Set-up, upgrade, downgrade or cancel any service or appointment.
  • Listen to terms and conditions and other useful information.
  • Make a complaint regarding any service.
  • Installation queries.
  • Queries regarding your Sky username or ID.

Any issue that you may encounter during your time as a customer is handled by the qualified advisors behind the phone number. Obviously from time to time there will inevitably be an issue that is unique. Fortunately even in this situation, the phone number for Sky will help you out.

In summary, you can use the Sky TV contact number for just about any issue at all relating to your package. When you contact Sky you can expect nothing short of the best possible customer care, ensuring that your query will be answered in a fast and efficient manner.

Be advised, you can only call the Sky TV Contact Number free if your telephone package includes calls to 0843 numbers. Calls from a BT landline cost no more than 5p / min, calls from mobiles and other networks may cost more.

Sky TV Contact Number: Opening Hours

The Sky TV Telephone Number is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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