Halifax Contact Number

0843 515 8460

Calls cost 7p per minute plus your operator’s access charge.

Call the Halifax Contact Number to Learn about Products, Updates and Banking Solutions

Halifax Contact Number - 0843 515 8460There are many potential reasons for calling the Halifax contact number. One of the major banks in the United Kingdom, they offer a full range of banking products and services and are often involved in informing, assisting and empowering individuals and companies with regards to making the most out of these offers.

Whether you’re interested in getting a personal loan, discussing issues regarding your existing savings account or talking about the best investment opportunities, the Halifax support telephone number – 0843 515 8460 – is your best chance for obtaining accurate, helpful information and the best advice for your banking pursuits.

A Bank Dedicated to Helping its Customers

Those who have called the Halifax contact number in the past know all too well how the bank deals with its customers: in a friendly, engaging way, attempting to solve any and all issues as quickly as possible and to keep customers informed about the newest updates and developments associated with the bank’s policy and products.

At the same time, Halifax is not only one of the few banks operating in the UK focusing on providing the most attractive offers when it comes to mortgages, insurance, credit cards, investments and savings accounts. It is also an institution that focuses a great deal on online safety and the provision of scalable access solutions geared towards providing an overall superior banking experience.

Why Call the Halifax Phone Number?

There are several reasons why you might consider calling the contact number (0843 515 8460) and asking for support or information regarding a certain matter. Most of the time, the helpline will provide you with adequate assistance with a number of issues, including the following:

  • Gathering information about the bank’s products and services – such as loans, savings offers and investment opportunities – in order to make an informed decision later on;
  • Giving out new details when changing your name, telephone number or address;
  • The need for filing a PPI complaint or taking care of other issues resulting from the lack of satisfaction after trying out one of the bank’s products;
  • Problems accessing your online banking account – in cases when you may have forgotten your account details or your banking account may have been compromised;
  • Reporting a problem with an existing account or expressing concerns about safety and manageability issues prior to opening a new account;
  • Simply checking your balance.

Other Ways to Get in Touch

In case you’re looking for an alternative to the Halifax contact number, there are several other ways you can get in touch with the bank to resolve your issue:

  • Online, via the bank’s official social media account;
  • By visiting one of the Halifax branches located in your area;
  • Through the bank’s SignVideo service – for individuals who depend on sign language communication;
  • By writing a letter to the official address of the bank located in Leeds.

However, the quickest way of discussing any complaints or inquiring about the bank’s products and services is by calling the Halifax telephone number and talking to one of the professionals who are most qualified to handle your case.

Halifax Contact Number: Opening Hours

The Customer Service Number is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for telephone banking.  Department availability will depend on the nature of your enquiry. To speak with a member of the team, call the help line for specific opening hours.

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