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0843 506 8984

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6 Reasons You’d Need To Call The DVLA Contact Number

DVLA Contact Number | 0843 506 8984The Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) is the one British Government agency that almost everyone has to contact, with vehicle registration and licencing topping the list of services secured. But this agency does more than just licence drivers and register vehicles.

In some cases, a quick call to a customer service agent can get the answers to your queries – without having to go and stand in queue. That’s when you’ll want a DVLA telephone number that works.

What Does The Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency Do?

DVLA Telephone Number - 0843 506 8984The DVLA is an Executive Agency of the Department for Transport (DfT) and part of the Motoring Services Group. The Agency maintains driving records and vehicle registrations for all of Great Britain and collects the vehicle tax in addition to helping with a variety of driving and transport related services.

Until 1990, these services were provided by the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Centre (DVLC). Today, the agency maintains over 45 million driving records and more than 38 million vehicle records. The information is used to improve roadway safety, reduce vehicle crimes, support environmental initiatives and limit vehicular tax evasion. Other services which can be found online include personalised registrations, allowing you to find your ideal number plate.

6 Reasons To Call The DVLA

Drivers may need a phone number for the agency for any number of reasons, including:

  1. Vehicle Taxes and SORN. Any vehicle that is to be driven on a public road is subject to a vehicle tax. You may need to contact the agency to calculate or change your vehicle tax or check if your vehicle is taxed. Vehicles that are not driven or are used only on private land do not need to pay a tax, but they do require a SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) be filed with the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency.
  2. V5C Vehicle Registration Certificates (log books). A V5C is required to register the vehicle. This log book contains pertinent data on the vehicle including its history, current and previous owners, and technical parameters. If your V5C has been lost, damaged, or stolen, you can obtain a replacement. In many cases you can apply for a new or replacement V5C by phoning DVLA contact number 0843 506 8984. This number will forward you to the official DVLA support number.
  3. Driving Licences and Applications. Contact this licencing agency if you have questions about your driving licence, licence fees, need to replace a lost licence or edit your information. These services apply to individual drivers as well as drivers of lorries, buses, and goods vehicles.
  4. Driving and Medical Issues. If you have or develop a medical condition that could affect your driving, you’ll want to call the DVLA contact number. Certain conditions can affect your driving and may require you to surrender your licence. An agency representative can provide you with information regarding the current medical standards of fitness to drive. When the time comes to reinstate your licence, you’ll want to contact the agency again to get the application process started.
  5. The Driver Check Service. If you are hiring a driver for your business and want to check their driving licence information, you will need to contact DVLA support. The service representative will be able to tell you if the driver in question has any penalty points or disqualifications that would prohibit him or her from driving or impact your decision to hire said driver.
  6. Complaints. Sometimes it is most difficult to get through to an agency when you need to complain. Use DVLA phone number 0843 506 8984, a call forwarding number, to reach the agency when other numbers have failed.

Access Services And Get Answers To Your Queries With DVLA Contact Number 0843 506 8984

If you have been unable to find the correct number to call the DVLA or want to save time over searching for numbers, use DVLA contact number 0843 506 8984. It will connect you to the agency so you can get answers to your driving and licencing questions sooner.

DVLA Contact Number: Opening Hours

DLVA’s customer support services are available 9.00 am to 5.00 pm, Monday to Friday except Bank Holidays via 0843 506 8984.

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