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UK Contact Number

provides a telephone number directory. We believe the phone numbers we list are for some of the UK’s largest and most frequently used businesses.

It comes as no surprise then, that the contact numbers for such large organisations are often difficult to locate within the public domain. This is because most companies are trying to cut out the large costs associated with running a call centre. We believe you should always be able to contact a company by telephone; especially when you have an urgent enquiry and all you can find are some frustratingly generic FAQs in place of the ‘Contact Us’ page of the company website. We have published a selection of numbers which will connect you directly to these company helplines, meaning you don’t have to waste minutes or even hours searching the internet.

You will find many directory websites offering expensive, premium rate connection services. Not us! Here at UK Contact Number HQ, we only provide call connection to these companies through low cost, alternative numbers. Our affordable, direct connection service will cost the caller only 5 pence per minute from a BT landline. Calls from mobiles and other networks may cost more.